​ Buying a house is big event.  Having a qualified professional look through the home for issues is an extremely important step in the process.  Our realtor recommended Uli Sommers, and we

 were very satisfied with the information she found and provided to us. Uli returned our phone call promptly and was able to schedule the inspection right away, which is critically important 
under an inspection deadline.  She arrived early to get started on the exterior and then went roof to basement, both inside and out.  When the inspection was complete, she went through the
house to show us the areas which concerned her, and followed up by emailing a professional, comprehensive, and detailed report including photos that helped us communicate clearly with the
seller.  Uli also was able to provide us a radon test and report in the inspection window that we needed it. 

We would definitely recommend Sommers Home Inspections to anyone needing a home inspection. 

Dan and Kathy Moore
Portland, Oregon
Thank you very much for the report. It is very professional and worth every penny. Brendan Corbett
 Thank you so much Uli. We really appreciate your excellent work and it was our pleasure to meet and work with you today! ​ Thanks again! Take care! Dani and JJ Johnson
 "Truly exceptional knowledge of all aspects on construction, plumbing, electricity, etc. 
  Thoroughly professional and timely, providing great detailed recommendations, watch
  outs, and advise. up to date on everything: code, issues, best options for repairs, Our
  best experience ever." 

  Tom Dwyer
Dear Uli, 
It was a pleasure to meet you today. Thank you so much for your thorough inspection. As a new home owner, I was nervous and you explained everything and presented all the information in such a way that we were able to understand. We appreciate that you also included maintenance tips and suggestions which we would not know about otherwise. We will absolutely contact you again once the corrections have been made. 
Thank you again!!
Jessica and Catherine

Sommers Home Inspections


 "My wife and I were trapped in a whirlwind of questions, anxiety and stress from the home 
buying process. We put our trust in Sommers Home Inspection LLC to carefully inspect our
future home. Uli's thorough home inspection report helped us to resolve unexpected issues
and we felt confident in asking the seller to ensure all repair items were completed prior to
move in.  We're so thrilled to be homeowners! Thank you Uli for your time and patience."
​ - Johnny & Sayako
 "Uli Sommers has done three separate home inspections for us since we've been in the market for a new home. Why three?  Because she found significant structural deficiencies in the 
first two homes.  

While I like to think I understand building construction (I was certified by the State of Oregon as a fire inspector in my job as a firefighter) Uli identified substantial problems -issues
that I had not seen during my own initial viewing of the property- in the first two homes that led to us not purchasing either. On the third home, Uli's inspection identified what I would
call normal deficiencies that the sellers then agreed to repair.

My wife and I would not buy a house that Uli had not inspected first.  Her attention to detail is exemplary. Her documentation -that includes pictures with identifying arrows of the
deficiency- makes her report not only easy for the buyer to understand but also helps the seller in understanding exactly what and where the problem with the house is. In addition,
she is prompt, efficient and professional.

Uli's good work has saved us thousands of dollars in what would have been unexpected repairs to homesthat held dark secrets."

-Randy Leonard

 Early in November we made a purchase offer on a home in Hillsboro, OR. We wanted a home inspection and our realtor provided a list of four providers. We were fortunate to be able to contact Uli Sommers of

 Sommers Home Inspections and found that she had an opening the following day. 

 Uli arrived a little early for our 1pm appointment and went right to work spending an hour examining the outside of the house and the garage and the roof of the entire structure. She then spent 1.5 to 2 hours

 examining all aspects of the interior including the attic and garage. She thoroughly checked the various systems including: plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling. I personally observed many aspects of her

 inspection and was impressed by the care she took to examine each area of the home. I was also impressed with her knowledge of the systems in the home and the care and condition of materials in the home. 

 The inspection report prepared by Uli was provided that same evening. It was very specific and provided information on the condition of all aspects of the home. It also included recommendations

 for suggested repairs when they were needed. The report also included clear photos of areas that needed some care that could serve to help to explain what needed to be remediated. This report was clearly

 helpful and provided complete information to the buyers, the seller and potential contractors who could provide the repairs. 

 Since 1970 we have been involved in purchasing a number of homes; both as our personal residences as our primary or second homes as well as some homes we purchased as investments. During this period we

 have had numerous home inspections conducted by various providers here in Oregon and in Southern California. I have personally done much of the remodeling of these homes and in some instances worked

 side-by-side with contractors to conduct various aspects of the remodels. Consequently, I understand construction and can evaluate the quality of the information provided in the report.

 The inspection conducted by Uli Sommers was the most complete and thorough of any I have observed. In addition, the inspection report provided the most useful information of any of the inspection reports we

 have ever received.

 Given my experience with Uli of Sommers Home Inspections I would highly recommend their services to others who want a thorough and highly professional home inspection and report. The report will provide the

 prospective buyer with excellent data to help them make decisions about the purchase of a home and any needed remediation.

 Don D.
 Hillsboro, OR 97124